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College Preparation Program 

WSCC strengthens middle and high school students for college through mentoring, tutoring, and GED programs. We also provide mentoring opportunities to youth who want to pursue the diverse vocational occupations.

Educational Scholarship Program

WSCC provides book scholarships to high school graduate students entering and continuing their college education. To date, we have given out over 50 scholarships to students who demonstrate academic success. WSCC’s long term goal is to provide a full four-year scholarship annually to one underprivileged student.



Community Gardens Program

WSCC will provide healthy and nutritious foods to students and their families by teaching them to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in our community gardens throughout the summer. Gardening alongside community farmers and other volunteers, students and families can learn to plant, harvest, and prepare meals from garden- fresh foods. After students participate in the community garden program, successful high school and college students can qualify for summer employment stipends, as they supervise younger students enrolled in the program. Through the Seeds 4 Success garden program, WSCC will strengthen students for future vocations in the science of horticulture and the art of landscaping.

Healthy Foods Program

WSCC will strengthen students and their families through nutrition education and food preparation programs. These programs will work together with schools, community organizations and other institutions to raise awareness of health challenges resulting from poor food choices and improper food preparation. Bi-annual health and nutrition fairs will be held to expand knowledge of food choices and resources to access healthier foods that will produce healthier students, families, and communities. WSCC will fill food provision gaps to provide meals to students and their families during school breaks, each school year.

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